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I used to go crazy on manga but stopped for a while since it became a little too costly to keep up. Instead, I turned to online scanlations. Yes, I broke the cardinal sin of turning to online English scanlations, but hey, I read English much faster than I do with Chinese.

Well, it lasted for a while until I realised that the online scanlations take awfully long to be updated. Unlike anime where the subbed episode gets uploaded in a matter of days, scanlations take months to have new updates and they could be slow by at least five books. Not that I don’t understand that scanlations take time to produce, but I don’t think I can wait that long… So, recently I bought a new manga series. 花君と恋する私 (Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi) is a typical high school romance shoujo manga. (I’ve said thousand of times before that I’m a sucker for such manga/anime.)

I’ve read up to book four where the couple have just started dating. They both feel a little awkward…

(Will type the exact words in Chinese.)

Hana-kun: 我的心情,也跟你差不多。没什么真实感,觉得很紧张。感觉象是在。。。做梦一样。

(Translation: My feelings are about the same as yours. So surreal; I feel anxious. It feels like…I’m dreaming.)

Oh my goodness. I think I really felt that the first time I got together with my hubby. He was not my first love, but it was definitely my first relationship. The day after we got together, I was in an Asian Literature class and we were going through a lover’s poem. My TA called on me to figure out whether the narrator is male or female. To help me, she asked if I have a boyfriend. For a minute, I was stunned. Then it hit me. Yes…yes, I am attached. And suddenly I got this rush of emotions that made me feel a little embarrassed.

You must understand that I never thought I would find somebody. Me, the plain Jane. The one, whose sister said I might as well marry the computer since I never went out to socialise and was always stuck in front of the computer. The one, who was rejected twice. It all felt too surreal.

Oh well, but that was years ago. I am now happily married.

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