devils and realist

Just completed 魔界王子 (Makai Ouji): Devils and Realist. I thought the author/manga artist was rather creative in using characters from heaven and hell to spin a story. While there’s the usual power struggle between both factions, there’s a twist to the qualities of the characters. Some devils are portrayed as kind while an angel is portrayed as one with negative qualities.

Who would have thought that Baphomet would end up a butler?

And the character I hated most was Archangel Michael. He is just a terrible arrogant fella who enjoys tormenting Archangel Uriel. In fact, he chopped off one of Archangel Uriel’s wings. (Note: This is fiction so don’t take it too seriously.) If only I could reach across the screen and bitch slap that character and wipe that smirk off his face.

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