dolly locks

My faith in rebonding has been restored. I am proud to announce that I have rebonded my hair and it is now dolly smooth.

I tried rebonding my hair years ago. About the second or third time, my hair got really dry for some strange reason. It was straight but super dry and gross. That was it. No more rebonding for me. If it couldn’t give me the smooth dolly locks I wanted, then it ain’t good. Besides, I always felt that rebonding kind of made my hair ramrod straight…the ends all super pointy and very unnatural.

This time, I took a leap of faith and tried it again. Apparently there’s two types of rebonding now? The hairdresser promised that the type I was going for looked more soft and natural. Erm…ok. The result was as he had said, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up yet. I wanted to tweet that I had dolly locks now, but was afraid that I was jinxing it. After all, time will tell after the first wash.

First wash and every wash after that, my hair still remained smooth and straight. ALRIGHT! I’ve already had two compliments. Those who have seen my hair from before would know that my hair has a life of its own. It’s super dry (especially at the ends) and frizzy. I tried product after product to get the dolly locks I wanted and although the products did help to tame it a little, nothing…NOTHING worked like magic.

My only gripe is that my bangs is now rather flat and a little sparse. My hair is originally thin and little, but the frizziness made my bangs look thicker and fuller. I know there’s a method to create fuller-looking bangs, but I’m not sure how far back I can go before my crop of hair looks too thin. Gotta think more about this before taking the plunge.

PS: I hate the smell of chemicals in my hair after visiting the hairdresser. It takes a few washes to get the strong smell out. Meh.

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