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I’m back with another Carouhell Carousell story.

So, I was browsing the beauty products section and chanced upon this.


WAH! Like that also can sell for $3! I’ve seen people sell very lightly used palettes with hardly a dent at that price and this joker is selling her more-than-half-used eyeshadow/blusher palettes at $2-$3. This is absolutely ridiculous! Don’t even talk about the price, there’s hardly anything left to be used!

I told Sis about it and she pointed out something I didn’t even consider. It’s really unhygienic to sell used cosmetics. Even if the seller does not include the original applicator, just imagine how many times her applicator has swept across the palette. And what if she has say…bad acne? Erm…I don’t even want to think about it.

Reported her to the Carousell admin immediately.

So please, if you wish to purchase cheap cosmetics off other people, try to purchase brand new ones and always check with the seller on the expiry date. Yes, cosmetics do have expiry dates!

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