Welcome to the blogshop era where a new shop pops up online every few months…or even weeks. Well and good for people like me who enjoy shopping in the comfort of my home. Online shopping is so fast and easy. A few clicks of the mouse and I can get almost anything I want. Plenty of blogshops means more variety of clothing to choose from.

Aha! That’s where the trouble begins. Since there’s more demand than supply, blogshop owners start pricing their wares higher. A dress can easily cost $30-$50. That’s fine for something made of good quality material, but that’s not always the case. I have been blogshopping a lot and I seriously doubt the quality of half the stuff I have gotten. It’s obvious the clothing come from some wholesale factory in China so they probably cost a lot less than what they are priced for. Really, why should I be paying $30 for a dress made of filmsy material?

To make things worse, some of the items I get do not fit me well so I have to try to resell them. If you’ve been following my Carouhell Carousell posts, you’ll know that I cannot possibly resell the items at what I got them for. Not shifting the blame to blogshop owners but I really wish they would relook the prices of their items.

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