let it go

That was what my friend told me.

It took some courage to let her know what was bothering me all this time. Yes, it was something that happened 10 years ago and one should “forgive and forget”, but I never received proper closure for it. Although I laughed and casually said that I was 年少无知 whenever I mentioned my Polytechnic time, the hurt and pain never went away. Haha, I am a negative person after all.

But what she said made sense. Let it go because it was something that happened so long ago. Not many would remember the details anyway. Let it go because it is alright that not everyone is cut out to be your close friend. Maybe it is fated that we were meant to be friends only for a short while. What mattered is that I still have my close group of friends; those are the ones who will be my strength and support.

It was a two hour lunch and chat, but I walked away feeling a whole lot better. Perhaps with her words, I will really let it go.

Thank you, my friend.

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