how beautiful you are

TeamAyu recently went global and is now accepting overseas memberships. Of course, I didn’t hesitate and joined. I have always dreamed of joining an official fanclub. (Well, I already did join AAA Party. I have my ways even though I don’t live in Japan.) Next on my list is Perfume’s World P.T.A.

The perks for overseas members are not as good as in the native Japan, but at least there’s some access to restricted content (and hopefully first dips for tickets when she performs here). I checked out the site and found some clips from when she performed at the recent a-nation concert in Singapore. Had this “懐かしい” feeling while watching the clips. Especially the one for 「how beautiful you are」.

Here’s what Ayu said before she sang the song:

Thank you for coming to a-nation Singapore.
We all are so glad that we could see you all here.
And we hope that you have enjoyed it.
What I wanted to tell you through my show is you all are beautiful.
I want you to [be] proud of yourself.
That is why I choose this song as the last song of a-nation…
how beautiful you are.

I know how Ayu has changed over the years and she now has diva behaviour, but she has come a long way…so I think I’ll just look past that for a bit.

PS: The annual fee for TeamAyu membership is 3200 yen.

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