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After lots of clicking back and forth, scrolling up and down pages, reading lines of code, I am finally satisfied with what I’ve done to the theme of my other blog. (OMGGGGG…I finally changed the date format…WOOHOO~~~) Pardon my silly moment, but really, it bugged me a lot to see the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. I’m sorry but that’s how Americans see it and not the rest of the world.

I am no pro at coding, but I can definitely do some basic stuff and roughly understand the syntax. Thanks to my Diploma in Internet Computing background. I hated the Java Programming days, but thinking back now, I don’t think it’s that bad. (I can’t remember much of what I learnt back then though…hurhur…)

While I was tweaking the code, I found two sites particularly helpful…


This site is essential for looking up html and css tags.

Color Hexa

Such a handy website. It not only shows you what colour the hex code represents, it even shows you the shades in the gradient and complementary colours. No more jarring colours that stand out like a sore thumb on your website!

The last site I’m about to introduce is not something I’ve used yet, but definitely for the geeks like me who want to learn how to code.


2 thoughts on “the geek in me says

  1. niceeee. but I thought the date can be tweaked on wordpress’ main settings?

    also, is it intentional that you’re making both sites’ icons your profile pictures? 😀

    • The person who created the theme went to change it by code so that overrides the main settings.

      I used different user pics for both sites. Might change it later? Don’t know…

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