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I actually wrote this as an add-on to the ‘about’ page of my product review blog, VERY BEAUTY, but decided that it’s a bit too personal to post it there afterall. So, I moved it here.

I will not lie; I love receiving freebies and samples. As much as I would like to join the ranks of beauty bloggers (or whatever fancy name professional bloggers get these days), I know that is not possible because:

  1. I’m painfully aware that I’m not model material. I’m certainly not stick thin and how many times do I have to say that I have fats in places you can’t see? It’s VERY annoying that blog shop clothing is made for skinny people. Even if the chest area fits, the waist doesn’t. Like WTH. And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous prices I have to pay for clothes that end up not fitting well.
  2. My fashion sense is well…I just wear what I want. I can’t walk in heels. I just prefer wearing footwear that I can run in. Heels do not fall in that category. *sigh* Ok, I will try.
  3. My make up skills are mediocre and I hardly put on make up on a regular basis (even worse when I stopped working). Le husband prefers my au naturel face…actually it’s just an excuse for being lazy.  Well, the excuse is somewhat true. But anyway, I do try now and then to up my make up skills.
  4. Excuse me but which beauty blogger wears glasses? Unless by some mysterious power, wearing glasses becomes the in-thing (real ones and not some fake black-rimmed oversized ones), yup… I’m just not comfortable and confident to go without my glasses as I have 大小眼 (one eye big, one eye small). Recently, I examined my eyes very very carefully in the mirror and realised the reason for this is the difference in the way my eyelids crease/fold. My right eye is hooded, which means the fold is close to the lash line. This makes my eye look smaller and god forbid, my eyeliner disappears beneath the fold. Yes, this is absolutely frustrating when I line my eyes. Glasses hide the imperfection or at least draw attention away from my eyes.

But so what if I can’t join the ranks? I will write just because I fancy it. A girl can hope right, whether it eventually leads me somewhere or not.

On a separate issue, it seems that the title ‘blogger’ is reserved for people who actually earn a living off writing on the internet. I beg to differ. I would call such people ‘professional bloggers’. Me? I’m just a blogger. Like I said earlier, I write because I like to and want to…even if half the time I feel like I’m talking to myself.

4 thoughts on “beauty blogger wannabe maybe

  1. I don’t believe that you have to have the looks to be a beauty blogger. one perfect example would be xx. the power of make up (:

    anyway you are testing out beauty products and giving reviews. I’m sure people appreciate honest reviews that aren’t paid or sponsored for 😀 so you can still be one ^^

    aiya the blogging scene is sooooo different since they introduce blogging awards. I mean, c’mon, seriously? -.-

    • There are pros and cons about testing products and writing reviews. Sometimes it feels like I’m exaggerating the pros of products by playing down the cons or simply haven’t discovered the cons because I haven’t used the product long enough. There are deadlines to meet and usually am given only about a week or less than that to test something.

      Yea…so different when blogging was first introduced.

  2. I can relate with 3/4 of those you listed. I just don’t wear eyeglasses on a regular bases but I have a computer glasses which I use on special occasions. The crease of my eyelid is not also the same with the other one. Eyeliner is not really cool with my eyes because of that.

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