my first hospital stay

I guess when life gets a little too comfortable, you’re being thrown some lemons to spice things up a little. But that’s how life never gets too boring because there are always challenges for you to navigate through.

At my last check up last Wednesday, I received the most horrible of news. I had gained weight which was good, but baby is still not growing well and putting on the necessary weight. In fact, baby’s weight is now slightly off the chart at 1.61kg when she should be 1.8kg. Doppler scans showed that everything else was fine except her waist measurement. More importantly, the amniotic fluid is a little low but still considered normal and the blood flow from the placenta is good. So, doctors really have no idea why baby is not growing well.

I have to go for weekly scans now to make sure the blood flow to baby does not drop. If any time the blood flow drops, they will induce labour. If not, they will still induce labour at 37 weeks just as a precaution to make sure that baby has a better chance of survival. So yup, baby can be out any time from now till the week of 9 November. The minute I heard that I could be delivering baby at 34 weeks (which is this week by the way), my mind went into a mess. Baby’s room is not even totally ready. I haven’t packed my hospital bag. Oh my goodness, there’s still so much outstanding stuff to do! I was just thanking my lucky stars that I had completed the last minute buying of clothes and bath tub just a week ago. But still!

If baby is to be out at 34 weeks, I needed to be given two steroid jabs to help with the development of baby’s lungs to cope with the outside world. Because I have gestational diabetes (GD), the steroid jabs could cause my blood sugar readings to spike which is a danger to both baby and me. Therefore, I was warded for observation. I think everyone is worried about how I’m taking to all this, but trust me, I have learnt to take things easy and take things as they come. There is no point in asking “why me?” If God has willed that I am to go through these challenges in life, then so be it. He has his reasons. Besides, like I said before, I think God has been really fair. While other mummies have to endure horrible morning sickness, pains and aches, I went through almost nothing. GD and this are my only challenges throughout my pregnancy.

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