it’s march!

[edited at 1.23am]
Curry rice! Oishii ne~~ Lalala…

[edited at 8.38pm]
Xiu Wei is now a trilight-er! Yay! Welcome! *throws confetti and dances around*

[edited at 2.57pm]
Stupid little bottle. Argh…it’s a new bottle of eyedrops and it’s so tight. *grrr*

MARCH already! Half a semester gone by. Which brings me closer to SIP. *shudders* I often wonder whether can I make it?

Yay…Sis is cooking Japanese curry rice tonight. Well, hope everything goes as planned.

Yikes! I just realised I haven’t gone to Per’s house to get back the board games since new year. Sorry Per! I will get them back this weekend.

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