blah blahs and thank yous

Thanks Ling and Cas for the thoughtful comments. Keep those comments coming in, I really would like to hear your views on overseas SIP. Coz there might be areas I’ve not taken into concern.

Anyway, I still have many questions regarding this issue so at the moment I’m not certain I’ll try and apply.

Rain has since stopped. But after continuous raining since yesterday, the air has gotten a little cold. Although I was wearing a long sleeved tee this morning, I was still feeling cold. And the smart aleck me decided not to bring a jacket today. Even at home without the fan turned on, my feet are still freezing.

Ooh…and everytime it rains heavily, I start thinking about the earthwormies and their flooded homes. Then they crawl out onto the pavement which is a disgusting sight. Wormies…eew.

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