80 years

Went down to school a little earlier coz PK was in TP. She dropped by for a little visit. She was really excited. For what reason, I really don’t know. Perhaps studying in TP for almost 2 years already, makes TP just normal and boring.

Had lunch with PK and Jo at Design school canteen. Saw Mr Douglas. Had a quick chat with him.

And us 3 girls gained the experience of having a cockroach crawl around our feet. It happened too fast for us to even scream. I’m amazed…truly I am. Anyway, die you blasted cockroach…die.

I went off for IN3D lab. The other 2 went to watch “Big Fish”. Rajes and I were delighted to finish our lab a little earlier. Rajes asked Michael Shaw to let us off earlier since we’re done with the exercise. The amused Mr Shaw let us go after a little thinking. Haha…

Went to my grandparent’s house. To celebrate grandma’s 80th birthday. Dinner was soya sauce chicken. Grandma’s favourite.

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