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[edited at 12.18am]
Effective advertising. After watching that advertisement, Sis decided to go download “Hey Ya”. And she insists on playing it now. Feel like blasting back Black Eyed Peas’s “Shut Up” in response. Wahahahaha…

[edited at 11.44pm]
The project meeting lasted for only 45 minutes. Haha. We decided to prepare the ER diagram individually then meet up again to finalise things.

And it rained heavily…AGAIN. -_-||| Spoilt my plans. Went to TM instead. Mini shopping spree? Haha. Got both versions of S.H.E’s latest album. OP’s got new stuff. Too bad…didn’t have enough money so I didn’t go check the stuff out. Don’t wanna get tempted even more.

I did go walking in the rain. Had to drop by the library to get some books for the new HR PBL problem. Only had my file to provide whatever miserable shelter there was from the rain. Plus I’m wearing slippers. I hate it when it rains and I’m wearing slippers. Makes it easier to slip.

Heh hey! I’m back home. Having break now, going back to school later. Since the rest are having lessons or doing their projects, that leaves me alone. And I need to get my ORDS stuff…yep…home it is.

Having ORDS project discussion after school. Dennis informed me this morning which is kinda short notice. I didn’t bring my project specs and notes with me.

Was planning to maybe go down to the IT show this afternoon. Since I finish at 2pm. Plus the fact that I won’t be free tomorrow and Saturday. Sunday…not sure. Might be busy preparing certain projects. And my paternal grandparents and uncle will be in Singapore for about a week or so. I think we gotta entertain them on Sunday. Hmmm…I think the rest might be going today.

Anyway, can’t go now since I got ORDS project meeting. Depends. Maybe I might drop by after the discussion if it ends early. Then maybe not…coz I might feel lazy. Haha…

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