Am working on a new layout. However, I think I have a big problem now. I forgot to leave a space for the tagboard. So now gotta rearrange the whole thing again. So maybe it won’t be up till tomorrow. Make me happy for nothing nia. *grrr*

I think the question of what did I do today would be quite pointless to be asked these few days. It’s becoming routine at the moment. I watch vcds till the early hours of the morning…4 or 5 am. Sleep till around 3pm. Wake up and watch more vcds/tv. On the computer. Return to watching vcds around 2am.

Quite an unhealthy lifestyle but I only get to do it in the holidays so there. Most of the vcds in the house are not yet watched and we keep getting more. The store room is now named “the black hole”. No need to ask why coz I think you get the idea.

I just finished watching a Japanese drama, “Don’t Be A Crybaby”. It’s a relatively old drama already. There’s Kyoko Fukada and Kelly Chen acting in it.

Wondering what should I watch next.

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