Had BBQ on Monday. Maybe it ain’t the same coz I think it to be? Anyhow, I was thinking of bringing a torchlight and my notebook so I can write while sitting near the sea. Ditched the idea anyway. Maybe one day I shall try. Haha. Nad, maybe one night if you’re free, we go to the beach and sit there and talk?

Thanks to Paul all the same for the food, cooking, etc…


Accompanied Sis to Eastpoint to go get her trial pair of lenses. Told her to reconsider when it turned out she has astigmatism.

Met Per at TM coz she wanted to get her slippers from OP. OP has a storewide 20% sale now. But must get minimum 2 items and above. So I got a skirt. YES! Finally they have A-line skirts. They should have more. Per also thought the skirt is pretty. So she might get it too. Yay.

Went to Per’s house to get back my boardgames. It’s been parking in her house since last New Year’s eve. Anyway, Sis wanted to see Keera too.

Per had fun playing with Keera. Hmmm…but I think Keera’s the best looking cat I’ve seen so far. He doesn’t have dirty yellow or green eyes. He’s got this cute inquisitive look. Haha…Per must be smiling from end to end now. But Keera’s a little on the “pui pui” side.

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