the interview

[edited at 12.07am]
Always wanted to treat this place as a diary but it seems that I can’t really do that now. Like I said before, I’m really normal. I laugh/smile when I’m happy. I cry when I’m down. I have my bouts of anger and bitterness. But if all of it really went here, people are bound to treat them as personal attacks rather than my side of the story.

So I say, you want the truth from me, come get it from me. You got a problem with me, have the guts to say it straight in my face.

Went for my SIP interview at NCS today. It went ok. *phew* Hmmm…somehow I still like people from the HR department. Friendly and the approachable sort. Makes you feel comfortable.

Waited for Sis at Bugis coz she had something to settle, then went back together. Per joined us at Long John’s coz she forgot her house keys.

Ok…lack of stuff to talk about so I’ll just stop.

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