truths and lies

A bit nervous about tomorrow’s interview. After talking to Sis, she did manage to take away a little of my fear. But I really wonder am I up to it. Believe…

Sof, hope the play went ok. I’m sure you did fine. 🙂 *smilez*

I wonder if that was for me. If it was, I’m disappointed. Have I ever lied to you? I dare you to look me square in the eye and answer me. If your answer is a “yes” then I have nothing more to say except that you chose to listen to hear-says.

Watched “Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen”. Hmmm…Lindsay Lohan getting quite popular I say. Coming up is “Mean Girls” which Lindsay also stars in. We almost finished this whole tub of popcorn. Popcorn overdose.

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