phone battery dying

Yesterday I tried my luck at lunchtime radio dedications again. This time I dedicated the song to Nad. Kimberly Locke’s “8th World Wonder”. And nope…Grace didn’t pick my sms.

Met Sis after work for dinner. I wanted to go check out the prices for handphones too. My handphone…correction, handphone battery is dying. Due to my overcharging, the battery is now a little cranky which makes it almost impossible to hold long conversations on the phone. Unless you want to risk getting our conversation cut off suddenly. So it’s either I get a new phone or a new battery. Of course, I’ll choose the former. Then finally I can own a colour screen phone. Mine’s like probably ancient…Nokia 3315. Well, changing a phone now means I probably wouldn’t get my dream phone *note: flip phone with camera and antenna* but anyway the phones which I’m eyeing on, the prices probably wouldn’t drop to an all-time low until about a year or so.

Current Singtel phone deals…lowest pricing…Samsung’s SGH-X430 at $48 or Nokia’s 6100 at $68.

Anyway, Sis and I talked about radio and she suddenly asked me whether I was the one who won Alter Bridge’s cd. Ermz…yea. Ok ok…I was bored. I had no idea what band that was. But from my internet searching. Thought the music from the band wouldn’t be that bad. Need to look for new music…getting sick of the songs in my playlist.

Haha…now I know her workplace, the people on the radio the whole day. Maybe I should dedicate a song to her. At first I was thinking of Maroon 5’s “This Love” or Black Eyed Peas’s “Let’s Get Retarded”. But no, I’m nice…so yea…thinking now.

“let’s get retarded (HA!)…let’s get retarded in here…”

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