new handphone

I got my new handphone yesterday evening. Samsung SGH-X430. Not my dream phone but can do. At least it’s a coloured screen phone and not like my ancient Nokia 3315. *lol*

Had to pay another $100 on top of the $48. Coz my plan is a lower-end one. Remind me to read the fine print next time. *slaps myself*

Watched “A Cinderella Story” with Nad today. Just love chick flicks. *lol* And right now, am exchanging emails with Nad, discussing the handphone model. The one where Hilary Duff uses in the movie. Brand is Samsung. It’s blue. Maybe it’s not sold in Singapore.

If you can solve the mystery of what the model is, leave me a tag or comment. Haha…

Nad said I sounded like I wanted to get that phone. Nahz…not my dream phone. Although yea…nice cool blue phone but it doesn’t look like it has a camera. My dream phone is a flip phone with camera and antenna. Better still if it’s a nice shade of pink or blue. Altogether now…say WAIT LONG LONG! *lol*

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