Taking a break from my editing and re-editing of stuff. Getting kinda sick of it. Never seems to end. I bet tomorrow there’ll be more. Coz my colleagues are having a meeting with the client the whole day. And I like to think that sometimes the client can be quite fickle minded. But can’t complain since they are the ones paying the company to do the task.

I’ve finally realised that the toilets aren’t safe. Why? The locks for the doors are those turn to latch kind. Which means when you turn the thingy to lock, on the outside you see the little circle turn red. When it’s not locked, it’s white. Thing is, under it there’s this slot, like a cut. If I’m not wrong, if you put a coin through the cut and turn, the door should unlock.

Speaking from experience coz in primary school, the toilets were such. Of course I ain’t so perverted to unlock the door when someone’s inside. But we’ll like have fun playing. So when the person inside is ready to come out, we’ll help her unlock the door from the outside. It also comes in handy if there’s an emergency where the lock kinda gets stuck. The ultimate would be to just climb into the empty cubicle next door to let yourself out.

Blah ah…back to my work.

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