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It does feel weird to be finally blogging. Supposed to be a daily blogger…oh well…

Let’s start off with the last season of Buffy. I was expecting a better ending. Preferably something like season 4 or 5. So, the last episode for the last season of Buffy did not go off with a big bang.

Well, Buffy and gang managed to save the world once again from evilness. *Read: Actually Spike was the one who saved them all* The First was destroyed. Oh really? *raises eyebrows* Sunnydale was…well…reduced to nothing. Everything sank in creating this huge hole. Everybody just stares at it. Faith asks what Buffy’s going to do since she isn’t the only slayer now. *Buffy shared her powers with the other slayers-to-be using Willow’s magic.* Willow in turn asks what were they going to do. Buffy just gives this little smile. And that’s it. Really…I’m not kidding. That’s IT. Wait a minute…THAT’S IT?!


Mum went for this 3 day church retreat to Malacca from Friday till today. She’s back now. But during the slightly-less-than-3-days, I did miss my mummy.

The last few days, the advertisements for the President’s Star Charity have been playing on tv. The one which struck me most was the one on the 5-year old boy with aids. Each time it was played, it never failed to make me almost cry. We often complain that we never have time even when there is time for us. For him, there really isn’t time. Time IS running out. And there is no choice. The only time left is about 5 years?

Imagine dying in your childhood. You never got to experience what life really is. You never got to make important decisions for yourself. You never got to learn what the world really is.

In a way, God is kind. At 5 years old, I don’t think he really knows what is going on. So, he may live the rest of childhood *whatever’s left of it* with full of smiles and sunshine. Feeling the love and warmth of his foster family. In the end, dying with the wonderful memories.

Moving away from that topic, you’re not safe in this world anymore. Even in your own country. The recent bombing of the Australian embassy in Indonesia. The tragedy in Russia where school kids were killed. People talk about religion and God but do they really know what’s the meaning? Do they really know what’s the meaning when they kill one another? All they know is hate for one another and anger in their eyes.

What is this world coming to? What do we live for? Why do we even exist?

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