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It’s like winter in the office everyday. Even my jacket isn’t enough sometimes to keep me warm. Soon I might look like this…

Oh yes…wrapped up in a blanket, reaching out for the hot water. *lol* Yea yea…I’m no artist so my drawing isn’t great…

If you wanna know what boredom does to you, this is it. This fella from my department *no idea what his name is* often goes through the door to the next department. I suppose either he’s going to the pantry or toilet at the other end. Anyway, today when he passed by my cubicle to get to the door. I heard him go “sssshhhhiiiu sssshhhhhhiiiiiuuuuuuuu”. By the time I turned round to see what was going on, he already passed by my cubicle. But I did catch him waving his rolled up paper. I guess he was sword-fighting with the air. *rofl*

Had a wonderful dinner with Nad. Met up at Orchard. Walked round the fair at Taka’s basement. All the mooncakes since Mooncake/Lantern festival is coming soon. Finally ended up having dinner at Coffee Club. Nad decided to test whether the waiters would ask if we’re of legal age by ordering Tiramisu Latte. We don’t exactly look 18 and above…especially me…although we are already 19.

After the waiter took our orders without asking, we were talking about it. Said things too soon coz the waiter turned back and asked whether Nad was having Tiramisu cake or latte. She said latte and the waiter kinda insisted she pointed to the cake on the menu. Which was so not true. Oh well, maybe he had cake in mind. And he did ask if we were of legal age.

And then, Nad wanted to know his name. Haha…so there…when she asked for serviettes, I took a quick glance at his badge. It read “Kid”. She didn’t stop there. Now, she wanted to know how old he is. Finally controlled our laughter and she asked. Ok…same age. Manz…so hilarious.

After dinner, went back down to the basement to get ice-cream. There was this stall selling gelato ice-cream. Looked heavenly. This time, dear Nad wanted to collect the spoons. Coz they are cute colourful spoons. *lol*

What a fun time we had. Haha…

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