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Saturday, met up with Xiu Wei to go shopping. Heeren…Far East…Bugis.

Woohoo! She likes Maroon 5’s “This Love” as well. Yea…and Singapore Idol contestant, Benjamin Eio sang that song. However, I think he was trying too hard to sound like Maroon 5’s lead singer.

Talking about Maroon 5, changed my layout a little. And there’s Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved”. Love that song as well.

Yesterday, went to Waseda High school for their annual fun fair. It was a JCG activity but Sis and I went by ourselves. Per and Desmond came along too. Something like TP’s CCN day except it’s more fun since there are more games. Caught 2 yo-yos…that was the maximum number you could catch.

Sidetrack a little…actually I kinda thought our class could do the yo-yo game for CCN day in year 2 coz the game’s really fun. The yo-yos I’m talking about are actually small balloons filled with a little water. Attached to it is this long rubber band. So you fill this pool of water and put all those balloons in. The game goes like this…you get a hook. Attached to it is tissue paper. You hold the tissue paper and try to get the hook to hook a yo-yo. There’s technique to it coz the minute the tissue paper gets wet, it can’t hold the weight of the yo-yo. So the tissue breaks from the hook and…no yo-yo for you. Anyway, everyone was really busy in year 2…and…oh well…

Then, there was this Where’s Wally game. You get this game sheet. You are given a clue. Using the clue, you gotta find the correct place where Wally’s waiting. He will in turn tell you another clue and you gotta find the next place. There were 5 places to find in 15 minutes. Haha…Per and I were like running here and there.

Lots more other fun games. Food and performances.

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