It’s kinda fast…Thursday already. Officially left with 2 weeks of SIP. Big countdown begins. Haha…

So…Monday, I met up with Nad for dinner. Thought she might need a little company since she wasn’t too happy about certain things. We were back at Coffee Club. Haha…Kid aka the waiter whom we disturbed wasn’t around.

These days, I’m not sure why but maybe I’m tired, I can’t really focus on things. Especially when it’s a few things at the same time. I just kinda space out after a while or my brain just connects too slowly.

With that came the embarassing situation. Coz I reached Coffee Club earlier so Nad said I go get a seat first. Upon getting seated, the waiter/manager asked “Are you joining us for dinner?” I was thinking “WHAT???!!!” I was confused coz if you took that question literally, it would mean that we were going to have dinner with the waiter?! He had to ask that like 5 times before my brain finally connected and I answered “yes”. The question was whether we were having dinner or just having dessert. And the us meant Coffee Club. Hahaha…but maybe he should have rephrased his question so my brain might have connected a little faster.

Tuesday, weather wasn’t good. Rain. Took a cab home. I was tired anyway.

Yesterday, more work coming in. Sometimes I think I work too slowly. Anyway, the problem of focusing came back again. When my colleague came with the work and was explaining to me all the stuff, after the first few screens I kinda spaced out. The whole time I was going “ya…ok”. But in actual fact, my brain wasn’t even thinking and registering at all. Dangerous.

When I was leaving office, my mind was on work and how I might be working too slowly. I was trying to concentrate on watching out for cars and talking to Sis on the phone as well. Just had trouble focussing on everything at the same time. Dangerous again. I could have been hit by a vehicle.

Then at night, I was busy sms-ing Ling and Nad. Sis and Dad were trying to tell me things at the same time. I was also trying to listen to the news on tv. Getting a little pissed off with Sis coz she was just blatantly ignoring my Mum’s yells for her to go bathe. Oh yea…and irritated at the fact that she’s got a sorethroat but instead of resting her throat, she wants to talk so loudly.

Finally I got so fed up, I just switched off the tv. Less noise. Sis and Dad went quiet for a moment at my sudden outburst. And I explained that I had only one brain and 2 ears. So can I just focus on one thing at a time?

I’m so glad Colin and Christie didn’t win The Amazing Race. They are an annoying pair. I think the game is sometimes based on luck and making the right choices at the right time.

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