the best dream yet

They said dreams are actually a reflection of your subconcious mind?

Then this has gotta be the best dream yet. Although it lasted only for about an hour, I really appreciated it.

Coz in it, you came up to me and said you were sorry. You finally understood how I felt and you didn’t want me to continue feeling rotten about myself and everyone else.

And for once in a long time, I finally felt happy around you guys.

Then, I had to wake up and bounce back into reality. The one where you refused to even actually find out what happened. Now you know why I love sleeping so much. Coz then I can escape reality for awhile.

No, I did not force myself to dream up stuff just coz I like you. Coz it really happened just like that. Perhaps at the far end of my mind, I’m hoping you would talk to me like you did before.

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