The weekend is always too short!

Thursday…watched “The Terminal” with Jo and Nad at PS after work. The movie was enjoyable. Never expected it to have quite a bit of humour. You guys should go watch it.

After the movie, we had late dinner at Pizza Hut. Yummyyyyyyyyy~~~

Saturday…met up with Ling and Xiu Wei. Just walked around the malls while Ling looked for a nice pair of shoes. We took some neoprints too. Been quite some time since I took neoprints.

Sunday…Ling invited Xiu Wei and I to her house for lunch. Had a filling lunch…steamboat.

Had dinner with family at Mushroom Pot in Orchard Point. Steamboat again…but this place specialises in mushrooms, thus the name of the restaurant. Yes Ling, a good recommendation for you. There’s one at Stadium too. That one’s much bigger.

Before dinner, we went down to Heeren. Sis wanted to redeem tickets for the Tiger Beer Euphoria ’04 concert at the Padang on 9 October. Heh…just coz Shin is performing. Well, but the line up of artistes aren’t that bad. Besides Shin, there’s Lena Park, Shinhwa, Michael Learns To Rock etc… Desmond’s father managed to get this whole bag of Tiger Beer bottlecaps coz he works at Singapore Country Club. We managed to redeem a total of 18 tickets!!! So yea…9×24 bottlecaps…since each set of 24 bottlecaps can redeem 2 tickets. Go do the math.

Oh…and I got a new watch. Been eyeing the Fossil watch for quite some time. The one where the dial changes picture. I do feel a little guilty that Mum paid for it. I think I’ll return her the money instead when I get my next pay.

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