think about it

2-3 days of SIP left. Today will probably be the last day I have to work overtime. I can feel the dull ache and the eye bags already.


Anyway, Mum got me a temporary job at NParks again. Will be starting there as soon as SIP ends.

Been thinking. I feel I want to say lots of things out…how I feel…how things are. But yet I don’t want to. Coz people might say I’m judging other people and I don’t want to. I feel like being my old self. But yet I don’t want to hurt people. I’ve changed. It sucks being so emotional sometimes.

Recently in the news, some Taiwanese burnt our country’s flag. That was after some Taiwanese minister referred to Singapore as a booger…yea right, talking about the size of Singapore. I’m so glad Singapore isn’t stooping to their level. So those Taiwanese had better reflect on their actions.

Sure…Singapore isn’t as big a country as Taiwan. That we are just a small red dot on the map. But I think we’re surviving better than you guys. Uh uh…before you rebut my statement, think about it. You guys are stuck in a position with China that can blow up any minute. Are we?

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