parked the car

Kinda free now since my other colleagues have gone for the meeting regarding the task which we’ve been rushing since last Friday. So glad there’s no more overtime for me. For the past few days have been staying back till 9+pm. And end up having dinner at around 10pm.

Yesterday, met up with Nad for extremely late dinner at PS’s Long John’s. She had to wait quite some time for me coz I was still stuck in the office trying to get things done.

Hmmm…PS’s Long John’s closes quite late. I was afraid that they’ll close around 9.30pm and I was arriving later than that.

My supervisor did ask me whether I could stay on after SIP ends *which is this Friday*. Of course that means I get more than $500 a month. But I turned down the offer since Mum already got me a job at NParks. I didn’t ask my supervisor how much he was willing to pay. Even if the pay’s higher, I don’t think I want to take up the job. That is after quite a bit of consideration so don’t come telling me I missed a golden opportunity.

Oh…and tomorrow I don’t need to go to work. Supervisor giving me time off since I came back on Saturday to work. Yay! I have some stuff I want to do for them before I leave NCS.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I finally managed to park the damn car after 5 minutes 44 seconds and numerous knocks on the other cars. This is also my successful attempt after many failed tries. I think I’m not fated to drive. No…I didn’t drive a real car. Just this flash thingy my ex-colleague sent me. And I can see some of you guys gloating over the fact that you guys managed to park the car in a shorter time on the first attempt. Blah ah…

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