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Listening to Hilary Duff’s new self-titled album. A little different from the first album. Not so much bubblegum pop? But it’s always like that. Somehow artistes mature by their 2nd album.

I got Hikki’s new album “Exodus” as well.

Last day of SIP today. Some of my colleagues bought me lunch. *sobz* So touched. I mean considering I’m just a SIP student, I don’t even expect such treatment.

I thought I would be full of complains by the time I reached the end. Ok…alright, I still have to complain about the lousy computer I got. Really…they should consider trashing it.

No…I didn’t get all teary-eyed. But somehow I had this feeling that I was leaving something behind. The people…my little cubicle. I admit I don’t really warm up to people I don’t know straightaway. So I tend to be a little more quiet…some sort like a little wary??? Most of the time it’s people who talk to me and seem friendly then I start to open up a little more. Maybe it was a little too late. Didn’t get to know everyone a little more.

In the beginning, I was sure that I was going to die coz I’m going to some super duper IT place where there’s database and programming…stuff that I ain’t good at.

And as time went by, I got to do other stuff. No programming stuff. But I just felt that I wasn’t confident enough. Flipped through the papers every morning, seeing those ads for universities. Then it dawned to me that I didn’t know what I wanted. I’m not even sure this is the path I want to continue. Like I said before, I’m not fabulous. Just average. I’m interested in web design but I don’t have flair. And Cas once pointed out that you can pick these things up yourself. Yea…kinda true.

I don’t even know what I’m absolutely good at. Everything is just average this average that. Haha…maybe I’m good at slacking.…my future company. Ah…what rot.

So I’m 19 and aimless. Good combination huh. Ok…going along the line of crapz now.

Singapore Idol is full of crapz nowadays. Ever since Jessea got voted out. I don’t even know why that Chris-sy-pooh-topher and Jerry Ong still remain.

Wahahahahaha…one of my now-ex-colleagues, Vince said he’s going to vote for Jerry Ong. So if Jerry wins, he can go malu himself in World Idol. Not a bad idea… But thinking again, that would mean malu-ing Singapore as well right? Uh oh…

Wow…and that means it gives Taiwan the chance to insult us further? So what if that minister of theirs apologised. It looked like a half-hearted one. If you ain’t sincere then just forget about it.

And news just gets more depressing each day. People killing each other. Really, where is the love?

This has gone awfully long again. And I’m just rambling non-stop all over the place. Bouncing from one topic to another.

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