give the man a tiger

I should be starting on that freakin’ 2000 word report but what am I doing again? Blogging, checking emails…everything except the report. Spent some time searching for the welcome package that NCS gave which contains information about the company. Yea…you know how messy my room is. It’s like going through the mountains.

Yesterday, had a good time at the Tiger Beer Euphoria ’04 party at Padang. Of course I didn’t drink. DUH. I don’t drink. Just enjoying the performances.

Shinhwa was cool. I really can’t tell who’s who coz they all look alike. Except for the lead vocalist…Hye Sung. He has a distinct face that just stands out from the rest.

Then there was All 4 One and then Palmy, this half Thai girl. She’s so pretty. But she’s this weird girl. Desmond said her style and mannerism resembled Alanis Morrisette. The girl’s cool manz. She just danced around the stage like she was having a good time. Tried to work the crowd up but shouting out loud. And she’s the first female artiste that I know who sprays water at the crowd. Normally it’s the guys. She sang the Thai version of Xiao Xiao’s “Ai Yao Tan Dang Dang”.

Then there was Machi. I think they got the most supporters. Lena Park. Petite girl with a huge voice. Those Singapore Idol contestants should possess those qualities. And of course there was Shin. That was why Sis got tickets in the first place. *rolls eyes*

Lastly, Michael Learns To Rock. Belting out all those old tunes…those tunes I listened to in Primary school. Coz back then, Sis listened to them. The whole party lasted till around 1am. After which, we went to search for food. 24 hour foodcourt.

I think I eat too much these days. Snacking. Yea…wait till I become horizontally challenged.

Alrighty, I should get working on the report. *sigh*

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