free at last

Free at last. Handed in the SIP report yesterday. As usual, the last minute queen woke up early to work on it till around noon before she went to meet Xiu Wei. Got the report binded, bought lunch and rushed to school.

After handing in, ate the lunch we bought and went for the debrief which lasted only for half an hour. It was stated 3-5pm. Haha…guess the lecturers had nothing much to talk about after all.

Sat around at the concourse, talking. Xiu Wei was waiting for Cas coz they were going to jog and to the gym. Me…well, just waiting for Sis to knock off from work. After Cas came, I went to the travel agency at business school. Waited for Sis. Then we had dinner together.

Dinner at Yoshinoya. One thing I hate is when there’s a customer, you should give your full attention to the customer. Not talk to your friends or sms under the counter. It’s very rude.

Oh well…going down to Taka now. Going to the work agency to settle the stuff coz tomorrow I’m starting work at NParks.

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