transfer please

It’s only my first day at NParks and I’m ready to ask for a transfer. I’m stuck in this ultra ulu area called the Potting Yard. Which is quite far from the visitor’s centre. You have to walk through this path through the forest…it’s only for about 1-2 minutes before you reach the area.

The toilet is not in the same building/shed. You gotta walk to over to it and there’s no shelter on the way so if it rains, you gotta have an umbrella to shelter you to the toilet. Imagine the shock I had. Only one cubicle. Squatting toilet. Well, it is clean except it’s wet all over. But I can’t do with squatting toilets. *wails* Especially when it comes to big business. It is also a huge inconvenience when the time for bleeding begins again.

Toilet issues aside, I spent much of the day in my cubicle…pah bung. Literally… I got a little work to do. Nothing much, spent the rest of the time reading comics. Mind you, I was hoping for a better computer but no…I got a pentium II running on Windows 95 with no internet connection. Anyway, where there are plants, there are mosquitoes. My timely arrival probably was like throwing a banquet for them.

Discussed it with Mum. She’ll inform HR to transfer me to somewhere else. Hopefully within HQ else PRC is ok too. Although PRC is also another mosquito infested area but there’s Mr Koh there.

Thought about giving up the NCS job again. But if I had taken up that job, it would probably be programming and database stuff. No-no stuff for me. And giving up on working completely is not an option either. I’m getting my mp3 player and webspace which leaves me with very little cash so I need the month’s earnings.

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