season 4

New layout. It’s Buffy in Season 4. The headings were said by the first slayer in the last episode of Season 4. I think I love Season 4 and 5’s last episodes the best. Season 6 ended quite emotionally with Willow crying in Xander’s arms. Season 7…so bleargh.

This layout is up first while waiting for Nad to finish the layout she’s making for me. 🙂

Since the previous whiny entry, Mum helped me ask HR whether I could be transferred to another department. Unfortunately there are no vacancies in other departments. So I guess I’ll just stop complaining and continue working. *consoles myself* At least there’s money…

The only thing Mum and the lady in HR could think of is that I take leave when I’m having my monthly bleeding session. Just 1-2 days leave. Which is like now…coz it is Ribena Falls time now. Ok…better stop it before I disgust everyone.

Yesterday, went to school for JCG meeting. After which, Sis and I had lunch and walked around the mall. The mall was exceptionally crowded yesterday. Anyway, we bought tees from Bossini and a hamster wheel for the hamster in grandma’s house. No official name for that hammy yet. Although my aunt calls him “Stripey” and grandma calls him “Rascal”.

Sis, Desmond and I watched “White Chicks” yesterday. Hilarious movie.

Oh…and JCG might be screening “Casshern” for the inter-club screening in November. YAY!!! I wanna watch that movie. I wonder whether it will make it to the big screen in Singapore anyway. Someone in JCG *possibly Peifen* bought the DVD from YesAsia.

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