the dimmer side

I am almost done with the layouts and all. Just that I have a small problem with the cache. Now I really wonder why. In school, it seems that when I update a page, all I have to do is click on the refresh button twice and I see the changes.

Back at home, no matter how many times I refresh the page, I still get the old one. Don’t tell me to empty the cache and change the settings to “every visit to the page”. Done that.

This is rather frustrating.

Anyway, I’m going to Malaysia tomorrow. Going to celebrate my paternal grandpa’s 80th birthday. Today we just celebrated my maternal grandpa’s birthday in advance.

Work on the portal isn’t going too great. It takes a long time to load each result page. If 2 or more people start to search, the whole portal lags and hangs like nobody’s business. Zhihao says that it might not work even if we were to upload it to the school server. And we only have until next Wednesday to work on it.

Haha…we joked that maybe the whole portal might end up exclusively for Ms Tan’s use only. Wahahahahaha…

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