back with hilary is back. After a few days of trouble with diaryland *their server broke down* and then having trouble with the cache and all *still am*…I’m back.

Actually I did up everything days ago but was having trouble with the cache, css yada yada… And I figured, what the heck. So if you see the links portion, the scrollbar is white, it’s not my fault. My tcg page is lime green, it’s not my fault. I asked Vince for help and after some testing, he concluded that it was netrillium’s fault. The old css is stuck in the server cache or something.

I know this layout takes some time to load…sorry, I got to carried away with slicing. Heez. I doubt this layout will stay up long. I have ideas for a new one already!

Tomorrow will be back to school again to continue work on the project. *sigh* Just back from Malaysia, a little holiday and there’s work right in my face already.

Went to Malaysia to celebrate my paternal grandpa’s 80th birthday. There was all this big hoo-ha. Everyone getting flustered and all. Sis and I were going “but it’s just a birthday celebration.” And Mum came back with the reply “wait till you reach 80-years-old.” That shut us up.

Oh oh…and my little cousin-once-removed, Lee Ann is so adorable. She looks like a little doll.

Alrighty…need to take a bath now. Will be back with more.

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