the future in my hands

I am now officially a polytechnic graduate.

No way am I going to get discounted bus rides anymore. Actually I am aware that I’m paying the full adult fare now since the beeping sound has changed from the usual “toot toot” to “beep” when I tap my card. This kinda sucks…

I couldn’t really sleep the night before. The whole time I was just worrying whether everything will be alright. Whether I would fall on stage and make myself the laughing stock of the whole cohort. I seriously didn’t want history to repeat itself. Coz back during secondary school graduation, I tripped over a power point on stage and kinda lost balance. Although I didn’t fall, I felt darn embarassed.

I couldn’t really smile when the photographers took my picture. So nervous…just wanted to get it done with without making any mistakes.

And then it was over. *phew*

Oh…didn’t blog about yesterday’s dinner. Met up with the 7ners for dinner. It was supposed to be Pwen’s farewell dinner coz she’ll be leaving for Australia soon for further studies. We went to Sofra, a turkish restaurant recommended by Soffie and Up. The fish was really good.

Then we hung out at TCC at Bugis while waiting for a very late Jo to arrive. She was stuck at work. As usual, all the jokes and talk. Uncovering some secrets…which Up has pleaded with us not to blog about it. Haha…

Oh! Per! *raises hand* I want to see the Popolo magazine as well. Hmmm…but you have to translate for me. Haha…

Haven’t watched the news for awhile. There’s this big hoo-ha going on about NKF. HAH! Knew this was coming. Apparently the CEO of NKF has a pay packet + bonus of more than a million dollars? Which makes the public think where the hell their donated money is going. And recently they have been holding lots of charity shows with the claim that they have now extended their help to cancer patients and children. Like my gawd, how the hell do you expect us to keep donating to you? Money does not grow from trees neither does it fall from the sky you know. In a year we have like over 10 charity shows, I don’t even have enough money to spend on myself.

Hello…why the hell do you need gold-plated taps for your washbasin?

And then you go do stupid things like this. Then people lose their trust in you. And who suffers in the end? All the patients have to suffer. Even if you lose the case, you probably just lose a few million and then get your sorry ass out of NKF. But the patients? What are they going to do now that people are withdrawing their pledge to donate money? And you can’t blame people for doing that coz they geniunely want to help but you toyed with their trust. So now it has become a “once bitten, twice shy” situation.

3 thoughts on “the future in my hands

  1. congrats you grad! 😉
    has your sis grad yet?

    oh yeah, heard about the NKF thingy. did you read about it in the papers? they had an article as to how to questioning in court went. that dude kept answering, avoiding a yes-no answer. I was like, “hmmm…”

  2. Yeah, as a BA student, I cannot apply for student EZ link. Sucks right? Bleh..

    I’d be glad to translate, as long as you don’t mind the broken jap lah. See you in a bit.. Gotta go~

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