ripped off

I can’t wait. When is Teppen single going to be sold in HMV? WHEN?!

I made a trip down to HMV thinking that the single will already be selling. Hmmm…wrong. And I stupidly bought Oricon Style (with NewS on the cover) from there although I had a feeling that Kino might be cheaper. Then again I thought Kino might not have it and then I would have to walk back to get it.

I GOT BLARDEE RIPPED OFF! It was selling in Kino at $9+…AIR SHIPMENT SOME MORE!!! *bangs head against the wall* And I paid 15 bucks for it at HMV. 15 BUCKS! DIE, HMV…DIEEEEEEEEEE.

I had omu rice for dinner again~~~ *smilez*

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