match his speed

Remember I posted the Rakugo name? The super duper tongue twister?

寿限無、寿限無 五劫のすりきれ 海砂利水魚の 水行末 雲来末 風来末 食う寝るところに住むところ やぶら小路のぶら小路 パイポパイポ パイポのシューリンガン シューリンガンのグーリンダイ グーリンダイのポンポコピーのポンポコナーの 長久命の長助

Which in romanji looks like…

“Jugemu jugemu gokou no surikire kaijarisuigyo no suigyoumatsu unraimatsu furaimatsu kuu neru tokoro ni sumu tokoro yaburakouji no burakouji paipopaipo paipo no shuuringan shuuringan no guurindai guurindai no ponpokopii no ponpokonaa no choukyuumei no chousuke”

Upon Per’s request to put up a recording of Subaru reciting it on my radio blog…there you go. And you marvel at how you can recite it flawlessly after several attempts. Now, here’s the challenge. Match his speed. It’s really OMG.

Ah. I haven’t listened to the Recomen clip Per sent me. The one with Massu and Koyama as guests.

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