underaged drinking


If things could get any worse. Just found out from Jpopmusic forums that Uchi got caught for underaged drinking. Apparently he was drunk and made a nuisance of himself in Sentai park. Johnny’s has decided to put him on indefinite suspension. Reports on Yahoo Japan News.

A part of me thinks that he should have known better than to go do something stupid like that. As a singer/public figure, you are all the more noticed.

A part of me feels sorry for him. Coz entering showbiz at an early age, I wonder whether these boys really know what they want. It’s like a sacrifice they have to make. Trading their “normal” life for showbiz. And when they do things like that, it’s not wrong in a sense coz afterall, it’s just a part of growing up. That you have to learn to be responsible for your actions. But you can’t help but think that sometimes they do such stuff coz they yearn for a normal life back again.

What makes me angry is that the adults who were with him, why didn’t they stop him? Knowing that he is underaged. Sure they are also punished along with him but their punishment is so freakin’ light. WTH. They ARE RESPONSIBLE for this as well. You know how adults think they know it all just coz they are adults? So why didn’t they do ANYTHING?

Well…let’s just hope it doesn’t get worse…hopefully Uchi makes it through this nightmare.

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