still a little blue

Yesterday, I didn’t have the mood to blog. Got a hair trim…

It’s kinda “painful” to watch NewS or Kanjani8 clips now. Everytime, it reminds me of how Uchi made that stupid mistake.

If Johnny’s wanted to give him a painful punishment, I think they really succeeded. How? By making the others suffer too so that you feel you’ll never live down this guilt trip. The Shounen Club episode where Tegoshi is the producer and is supposed to air this week was replaced by an older episode. Of which, scenes with Uchi were either cut off or they put a mosaic over his face. It’s the dumbest thing to do coz as quoted from someone on Jpopmusic forums, it’s not like we don’t know that he’s there.

Per said that Kanjani8 has been affected as well.

Well, I don’t see why the others have to suffer too. Since Uchi is the one who made the decision, he has to face all consequences that follow. But I think that Johnny’s is also wasting a lot of their effort on doing stupid things. Like the whole mosaic issue for Shounen Club. WTH. Since the episode has been shot with him in it, just leave it as it is. Don’t go around wasting time doing insignificant things.

Ganbatte Ikimasshoi has to be rewritten as well coz right now, shooting is finished for only 7 episodes. Gawd. I wonder how it will be like coz Uchi had a rather big role in it. To write off a main character is kinda hard.

Really hope nothing else bad happens to Uchi. I think it is enough punishment already…

Pwen has left for Australia this morning. Per and I went to see her off at the airport. Her dad said she’ll be back at year end, for vacation. Yupz, till then, we’ll be missing you.

2 thoughts on “still a little blue

  1. actually, I kinda missed her as we parted ways while going home last tues…

    funny, we were in the same sch and cca for five years…

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