why so slow?

Why is the download for the subbed episodes of Dragon Sakura taking so damn long? Need more people with faster connections to come online…

Bloop. Bloop. Bloop.

I should be checking out the dates to sit for SATs.

There’s tons of files/clips waiting to be watched.

I’m on the first book for “Kagen no Tsuki”. Finished the first book for “NANA”. Slow reader.

2 thoughts on “why so slow?

  1. You know the movie, 下弦の月, starring Chiaki, Hyde and Narimiya Hiroki (this guy is also starring in NANA)? It’s also a comic by Ai Yazawa (same comic artiste for NANA). Chinese name for the comic is 下弦之月. Only 3 books.

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