walking the familiar road

Hehehe…completed downloading 3 subbed episodes of Dragon Sakura. Signed up as a clubbox member so I can enter certain clubbox sites. Took some time trying to fill the form coz it’s in korean. So back and forth between the form and another open window with babelfish. Per told me later that the site has an English form. -_-|||||||||||||||||

Anyway, greedy me decided to download everything I could which meant that I got quite a few clips for Massu’s, Tego’s and Shige’s radio programmes. Now trying to download Kusano’s… This is to make up for the times in Japan when I wanted to tune in but could not coz either we came back too late or we’re in the wrong region. Self-denial…

So I spent the day going down to Ang Mo Kio to pick up my vcd prize which I had no idea was what. I join too many contests ya… I was familiar with the place to pick up the prize. Practically opposite my (ex)SIP company. So I stopped at Yio Chu Kang mrt station and walked the familiar road from there. It’s almost a year since I finished my SIP in that company. Now, I’ve graduated from poly already. How time flies. I wanted to message my (ex)colleague to guess where I was but then I realised that he has left the company already.

But I must say, I also hated the walk. It left me perspiring till the whole of my back was wet. I HATE having my back all wet!!! Such unsightly moments…bleargh.

Oh by the way, the prize was 2 korean movie vcds. “My Brother” and “Who Are You?”.

4 thoughts on “walking the familiar road

  1. No, it doesn’t have an english form.. I just know where to get english instructions for filling up the form.. Can Shige’s show be interesting? He’ so… なんかね, so quiet… Download BC! Shokura! BC’s like NEWS for more than an hour.. Radio shows are secondary unless it’s マッス in my opinion.. (For me it’s K8 lah) If not for Urajani, I’d be dling BC.

  2. Even if it’s interesting, I won’t be able to tell coz I don’t really understand what they are talking. I only can catch very little. But I’m amused by the way Massu pronounces the email address to send in dedications or write in. I don’t know why lahz…

    This is also one reason why I should go learn Japanese. So I can freakin’ understand what they are saying. Bleargh.

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