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I can’t believe I just cut something off my Myojo magazine. Some more it’s the one with NewS on the cover. Ling, you must kowtow to me 100 times for the NANA poster I cut out for you. *kidding* No lahz, you were just lucky that the back wasn’t…
1) NewS or Massu…coz I WILL WANT IT!!!
2) Kanjani8 or Ryo…coz maybe I will want it and it will be reserved for Per if she hasn’t got that copy.
3) KAT-TUN or Jin or Kame or Uchi…coz Sis will want it.

I re-read my previous entry to see what’s so Korean-y about it that Ling said I’m into Korean stuff now. Oh…the vcd prize? Haha, let me get this straight. I’m not crazy over Korean stuff. Just happen to like certain shows or certain singers. It’s not even like one quarter of my liking for Japanese stuff. HAHAHA…

So I met up with Ling and Xiu Wei today. We had (a super late) lunch with Mr D. Coz Ling…ahem ahem…was late as usual. I passed Ling all the NANA stuff I collected for her plus the poster. So I guess she’s thrilled with her stuff now…haha…

Rushed back home to go down to Orchard with Sis. Meeting Joyce for dinner. Dinner was at Pepper Lunch in Taka. The irritating thing that happened was a waitress kinda telling me how to cook the food. I know that the staff are just being nice, telling people how to go about cooking the food. But I think the way she said it was a little offensive. I was just pouring sauce over the beansprouts and making it cook faster while exclaiming to Sis that the beansprouts must be of top priority when cooking the food. The waitress saw it and went over saying “You must cook the meat first. Spread the butter and cook the meat. Then pour the sauce.” What the hell. I like to cook it this way…why? Cannot is it? I know I can’t really cook but that does not mean I’m stupid ok. I have a reason for doing my way. Beef can be eaten half-cooked. But lightly cooked beansprouts are not ok. They taste like grass. Not that I’ve tasted grass but you know, that green-y taste. And who’s eating the food? I’m the one. So tell me why can’t I cook it the way I want?

After dinner, went to Mise. Sis collected her Uchi uchiwa. And…*gasp* the Massu uchiwa is gone! The one from the Spring concert. Sold off! *sobz*

Per is kicking herself over the fact that she might have had a small chance of getting tickets for Kanjani8’s Zenyasai concert that was on during the time we were in Osaka. *sigh*

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