Marux2 combi

Just saw a pic on Ling’s blog. A photo of her pinky dolls. She labelled each one. And one of them is supposed to look like me?! *pengz* Then there’s another which she labelled “109”. My gawd…she cannot fathom how the real one looks like. Recently I was watching one of the Gimon episodes…

This is one of the banba or commonly known as “109 辣妹”.

Tell me, in what way is this considered beauty?! *shocked…shocked…shocked*

The look on Uchi’s face is classic manz. That disgusted look the minute he saw the girls.

Talking about clips…I absolutely love the one where KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 act out romantic scenes. Especially the Marux2 combi. You can imagine what it’s like with Aho (Maruyama). I tell you, I really couldn’t stop laughing. Laughing so hard till I had to bang my fists on the arm rests of the chair.

Per was so nice! She translated the whole clip for me. So I’ll paste the Marux2 part…

Kame: Ah, next, Nakamaru-kun!
Hina: this is very much like some renai broadcast ne?
NMaru: Ah, so nervous! my partner is.. Maruyama-kun!~
Hina: Maru!
Uchi: Maru-chan!
Kame: Maru-maru combi desukedo
Hina: dunno blahblah what.. pls tell us the situation
Kame: Hai.. Nakamaru’s romantic scene is.. Getsumen! Moon’s surface..
Nmaru: no prob
Kame: what kind of a situation is it?
Nmaru: Oh it’s a setting where we go to the moon for a date and you can see the earth from the moon’s surface
Kame: Yoii starto!
*star wars music* HAHAHA
Maru: hai, nani?
Nmaru: look there… the earth is that gorgeous..~
Maru: aaaah (weird shriek) Yatta, ponnnnn~
Nmaru: pain!
Nmaru: (turns around) You’re more gorgeous than that earth’s surface!
Maru: Iyaaaaaaaaa~~~~~
*music plays*
Maru bounces up and dances accordingly
Hina: no no, Finished already lah! *smack*
*Kame smacks him too*

Nakamaru called Aho “Maruko”!!! OMG…*LAUGHS OUT LOUD* And dear “Maruko” answers in a high pitched voice…and…and…”she” shrieks!!! *LAUGHS OUT LOUD AGAIN*


*trying to suppress laughter* HAHAHA…

Then when the scene ends and the music comes on, Aho bounces up and starts dancing with a weird expression on his face. *LAUGHS EXTRA LOUD* OMG…I can just die of laughter.


*covers mouth* Ok ok…enough enough…

I updated the radio on the side. *points to the left* I cleared some, added 4 songs and of course left the NewS and Kanjani8 ones there. Haha…

Introduction of new songs…
1) Lene Marlin – How Would It Be
A new Lene Marlin song. It’s kinda stuck in my head at the moment. The whole song is like this big “if”. If this thing happened, how would it be like? I kinda start to think all sorts of “if” questions and start to wonder how would it be like then.

2) NANA starring Mika Nakashima – Glamorous Sky
Aha! I know Ling loves this song. Sung by Ozaki Nana (Mika Nakashima) in the movie. Still looking for the other song in the movie… Ling is really rubbing all her love for NANA over me.

3) NewS – Yume no Kazu Dake Ai ga Umareru
Yet another NewS song. One of my favourites. If I had to choose the top 5 NewS songs, I would choose “Zutto” as first. Then this song. Then “Cherish”. Then “Love Song” (I know it’s YamaP’s song lahz…) Then “Koi Yake”.

4) Sonim – Asunaro Ginga
The PV *promotional video* for this song is so sad. There’s a blog entry on it…here.

Kanjani8’s new single is releasing soon. Titled “好きやねん、大阪”. Should I get it?

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