Per sent me a clip of the news report on Kanjani8’s new single and PV. Ryo looks happy in the PV. Although it may be just for the PV but at least he’s smiling again. Ever since the Uchi incident, Ryo hasn’t really been smiling. In magazines, he’s just got this sad look. In concert photos, he’s just got this sad look.

The PV’s looks kinda crazy. But it’s without Uchi…*sigh* The last part’s cute. The part where Ryo yells “Sukiyaneeeeennnnnn!”

Sukiyanen is kansai-ben, no? Which is actually the same for suki desu.

So when Ryo exclaimed “meccha iyaya~~~!“. It’s actually “meccha iyada~~~!” in regular Japanese. That means “I SOOOOO don’t want!”

Shall post more later. I bet some of you want to know about Natsu Matsuri yesterday.

One thought on “sukiyanen

  1. うん、 好きやねんは関西弁や.. 東京弁で、’好きだ‘..

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