more space

I need more space in the house! Can’t find a good place for my hidamaris. I took out mickey and minnie. Don’t think it’s good to keep them in the bag for so long. So 4 hidamaris…can’t put them in front of my monitor (original placing for Mr Pink and Mr Hana), they’ll block the monitor a little.

So I cleared 2 stacks of cds under the window for them thinking that that would be a good place coz there’s a good amount of sunlight. Hmmm…thinking again, not a good place. How come our curtains have to be so long? I have to stuff in the excess among the rungs of the window. And in the long run, that place collects the most dust.

2 stacks of cds…brought them out to organise in the cd towers. Realise I have no more space! What am I going to do? My room is equally packed. Oh dear… I need a freakin’ big cupboard to keep all my magazines as well.


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