little girl voice

Too lazy to post about Natsu Matsuri now. Maybe later…after I record the aho dance tune and a bit Maple-ing. Don’t bother to ask me to join your little party now coz I’m still at beginner level, stuck on the beginner island, trying to train “Miuna” (my character’s name) to be a better fighter. Stupid me just realised yesterday that I could increase the levels for strength, intelligence blah blah… 5 points for every level up. And all along I was wondering why some people reached like level 8 and they could attack with over 10 points of damage with each strike. -_-|||

I’m beginning to like a few Ai Otsuka songs. After a persistant “I so don’t like her, she sounds so baby-ish”, it has now become “I like some of the songs, but I still don’t like her”. Really. I think her voice is all too high-pitched, sounding like a little girl, laced with sugar and spice and all things nice. For now, I like 2 of her songs most…”Sakuranbo” and “Kingyo Hanabi”.

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