natsu matsuri 2005

Just as I posted earlier, I got settled on recording the aho dance which took me some time coz I don’t know why but the recording thing gave some problems. All I heard was static after recording. In the end, I just cut out that part of the clip and used a program to convert mpeg to mp3. So there. It’s on the radio blog now. Haha…next time when I’m talking to you on MSN and I start doing the aho dance, you know what music I’m dancing to. I recorded it using MSN Messenger Plus but I realised that not everyone can hear it unless they have the program installed.

After all the hassle of recording, I wanted to go Maple-ing for awhile. Darn. I guess it must be Singnet’s problem again…had no internet connection. Got fed up and went to buy dinner.

Ok…settling down now…I’ll share about this year’s Natsu Matsuri at the Japanese School.

Made a point to be early this year especially since we couldn’t get tickets from JCG. The obi tying took awhile again but not too bad since we had some practice in Osaka. Joyce, Sis’s friend, joined us this year.

Reached there around 5.15pm and already there’s a long queue for tickets. Nad and JW reached a little later and joined us in the queue. Tickets were supposed to start selling at 5.30pm but we waited for almost an hour before the sale started. While in the queue, there was this Japanese family in front of us. Their son was sleeping peacefully (and drooling) in his father’s arms. It got so hot that he started perspiring as well. Poor kid…but not to worry coz Per dabbed his perspiration with a piece of tissue.

The minute we got the tickets and got in, we queued for food. You have to do that coz the queues are very long and food gets sold out very quickly. Already when we got in, takoyaki was sold out. Unbelievable!

Just check out the crowd!

We couldn’t catch any yo-yos coz the queue for the game stalls was crazy. So freakin’ long. Anyway, I got a shot of the goldfish catching.

I was wondering if anyone thought of this or yo-yo catching for TP’s CCN day? It’s really very fun and popular.

And as usual, there were performances. Taiko performance, hip-hop dance performance… NYP did this dance using excerpts of NewS’s “Teppen”, Kinki Kids’ “Velvet no Yami” and Arashi’s “Sakura Sake”. Omg…the minute “Teppen” played, I was wondering whether they were going to really follow all the dance moves. Nope they didn’t. The only problem was that they should have faded out each track instead of just cut, stop, next track, play.

Yep, the last part was the traditional dances. Bon dance. Xiu Wei, remember this? HAHAHA. Everyone joins in the dance.

Nad and JW left earlier. Nad, just realised we didn’t take any photos together… =(

Alrighty…some miscellanous photos.

Per, Me, Sis

Joyce, Asahi’s new promoter. *kidding* With Per don’t know doing what behind her…

Ermz…the nose?

This year’s uchiwa was ugly. Courtesy of Asahi. Haha…one side was the beer, the other side the word “Asahi”. So bleargh… On the way home, we received like quite a few stares. Well, it isn’t everyday you see someone wearing a yukata on the streets. This isn’t Japan.

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  1. I was staring at her on purpose!! Hahaha! あいつカッコおかしいもん~~ 写真に太りだしましたなぁ、私は!! T_T 

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