why are you giving me that stare?

Oh gawd. I forgot what I wanted to blog about. I was just fiddling around with the comments for the previous entry a minute ago and now when I settle to blog, I can’t remember what I wanted to say. Dory syndrome is acting up again. *faints*

*thinks hard*

Aha! I remember now! *waves and does the aho dance*

Per sent me clips of NewS in Taiwan. This was when they released “NewS Nippon” not long. Gawd, I always crack up at the last part of that song. Coz they do this movement where they touch their forehead and then point down slowly. It so looks like they are giving the “LAME” sign. Which kinda fits coz that movement IS lame. And WHY IS YAMAP WEARING SHORTS when everyone else is wearing long pants?!

Sis and I went for a job interview today. Well, if everything goes well, we’ll get a job at the TM Mos Burger outlet. STOP IT! DO NOT give me that questioning look on why the hell am I working there. I know everyone has that “Why are you working there when you are a poly graduate with a Diploma in Internet Computing?! So wasted!” look on their faces now.
1. I want to be a slacker at the moment but tell me is THAT possible?
2. It’s only a temporary job. Why the hell are you freaking out? I’m the one who’s working here, not you.
3. If after reading reasons 1 and 2, you still have that stupid questioning look on your face, then 3 words “Go to hell”.

Since I already filled the form and submitted it, I shall not regret my actions. But seriously, I did consider working in the coming Comex fair. Was wondering if Ling got any lobang. Anyway, if I get the job at Mos Burger, it’ll be a part-time job. So I still got some spare time.

Talking about spare time, I hope to go study Japanese. I can’t freakin’ understand the clips I watch now…ok, maybe only 1% of it. Also, I hope to learn to cook. *sigh* At this age, I should be able to cook. All I can do now is cook rice, fry omelettes and heat up can food. I should think that all females should learn how to cook so they can cook for their families next time…and prepare bentos for their loved ones.

Went down to Orchard. Brought home some goodies from Kino and Mise.

2 thoughts on “why are you giving me that stare?

  1. 1%ちゃうよ~ 40%ぐらいでしょう..
    Have fun cooking! Bossちゃん!
    お弁当を作り上げてくれよ~~ 食べたい♥

  2. lol. have fun cooking indeed! actually, my thoughts werent not really of that stare and my questions were not what you posted. it was more of, hmm, why work at fast food? lol.

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